Why Invest in Specialty Finance?

Following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Banks and larger Financial institutions were forced, by a combination of market conditions and increased regulations, to significantly tighten their lending standards. This financial conservatism has essentially closed off the traditional credit market to smaller companies, and has opened the door to specialty finance firms to play a larger role in providing structured finance options. Specialty finance can be broadly defined as any financing activity that takes place outside the traditional banking system. Typically, specialty finance firms are...

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Evaluating Collateral in Patent/Litigation Portfolios

Many accredited investors on our platform are looking to better understand Patent/Litigation Finance; an Investment product with which they may have little to no experience. Here, we outline a couple of important points to give investors a basic understanding of how a typical opportunity is assessed. Evaluating the Borrower The first thing an investment team will look at is the Obligor’s credit rating. Since the borrower is the financially liable party, an investment team needs to make sure that the Obligor –  an institution or entity who is contractually bound to make all principal...

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Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV): What You Need To Know

After deciding on assets that an Investment Fund may want to offer – whether a set of legal cases or a series of aircraft leases – the firm must utilize a legal investment structure for those assets. What is an SPV? An SPV—also called a special purpose entity (SPE)—is an investment structure that is technically a subsidiary of the company which created it. That means it is reported on a separate balance sheet, has a scope that is just a subset of the Parent company’s activities, and is financially independent of the parent company and from other SPVs under the Parent’s umbrella....

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What is Litigation Finance?

Too often, lawsuits are won by those who can afford to fight for a long period of time and who have most funds available to keep paying all of the legal and administrative professionals involved in the fight. Litigation finance (also called “litigation funding,” “lawsuit funding,” and “lawsuit loans”) levels the playing field for plaintiffs and defendants. The foremost reason for litigation funding’s rise in the U.S, U.K. and Australia since the 1990s, is that the field began–and continues to operate– as a low-correlated asset class with high yields. Investors looking for a way to reduce...

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