Partners & Network

  • First Degree has a commitment to excellence in all aspects of investment management, investment strategy, execution, legal structuring of investment vehicles, risk management and compliance. FDA was established in 2011 and is wholly-owned by its Executive Team. They have the responsibility of overseeing the governance of a large number of high-level international Funds. 
  • Toneyes is a platform for talented Designers and Developers. They create concepts for branding, marketing and web projects and pride themselves on being flexible, creative, and reliable. Their teams work hard to always keep the spotlight on your projects outcome and quality. It’s their intention to give startups a big voice in this small world and their mission is to be flexible and project-focused for the globally recognised brands they serve. They inspire and mentor the next generation of talent and their Internship programme attracts the best global design newcomers of Bangkok’s local and International Universities.  
  • Knightsbridge Intermediary is the responsible partner to market Investment funds, provide a full Investor Relations communications service and is responsible for administering business intelligence and communications for a large number of global firms.
  • Avasonis
    Consulting Group

    Avasonis Consulting Group is an independent corporate and financial advisory firm. They provide merger & acquisitions and general corporate advice to internationally listed firms, privately-held companies and Litigation Financing partners globally. The key principles and attributes of Avasonis Consulting, position them to become a trusted confidante to clients. As such, the firm is able to contribute extensively, from strategy development to transaction execution, to guarantee the success of a client’s corporate and business objectives.
  • Actium
    Corporate Advisors

    At Actium Corporate Finance you are working with an experienced team of Senior Corporate Advisors who deliver strategic direction and innovative financial solutions for your business. They assist early stage, high-growth companies to help solve every unique challenge their businesses face as it advances through every chapter towards success.
  • Greenpark Platinum utilise their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver unique short-term investment opportunities within the Litigation Finance Sector. Working in collaboration with a global network of partners, they provide assurance and security through their due diligence processes to provide non-correlated assets and revenue streams for all of their members.
    They work with Businesses and High Net worth Individual Investors to raise capital for the programmes, in turn providing a unique opportunity to diversify portfolios and generate returns that are not related to organisational performance or stock markets.
  • Next Level Assets is a private member capital marketplace which connects professional intermediaries seeking income and capital growth for their network using alternative, asset-backed lending opportunities.
    All offerings available to the marketplace are sourced exclusively from their trusted Partner network and are linked to Debt finance, typically in Technology, Intellectual Property, and other robust asset classes such as Real Estate.

Dovera Capital (“Dovera”) do not provide Financial Services, they provide a private capital marketplace by which it may introduce potential accredited investors to asset-based Investee Entities. Any securities or participation interests which are issued or sold, as a result of such introduction, will be issued by the Investee Entity or by another person affiliated with the Investee Entity (for example a current shareholder/founder of the Investee Entity). Dovera is not engaged in a business of providing financial services and does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Dovera does not provide any financial product advice (whether general or personal) in relation to the securities or participation interests which are offered by or in any Investee Entity or in respect of any other financial product. In particular, Dovera makes no recommendation as to the suitability of any investment opportunity for any potential investor and does not take account of any investor’s financial situation or needs in making information about Investee Entities available to members of private capital marketplace.

Dovera does not provide dealing services in relation to any financial products, including any securities or scheme interests issued or to be issued by an Investee Entity, whether by way of arranging their issue, acquisition, variation or disposal or by any other means.


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