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Dovera Capital (“Dovera”) do not provide Financial Services, they provide a private capital marketplace by which it may introduce potential accredited investors to asset-based Investee Entities. Any securities or participation interests which are issued or sold, as a result of such introduction, will be issued by the Investee Entity or by another person affiliated with the Investee Entity (for example a current shareholder/founder of the Investee Entity). Dovera is not engaged in a business of providing financial services and does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Dovera does not provide any financial product advice (whether general or personal) in relation to the securities or participation interests which are offered by or in any Investee Entity or in respect of any other financial product. In particular, Dovera makes no recommendation as to the suitability of any investment opportunity for any potential investor and does not take account of any investor’s financial situation or needs in making information about Investee Entities available to members of private capital marketplace.

Dovera does not provide dealing services in relation to any financial products, including any securities or scheme interests issued or to be issued by an Investee Entity, whether by way of arranging their issue, acquisition, variation or disposal or by any other means.


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